A money-management duo managing $37 billion lays out the 5 requirements they seek in investments that are ‘almost impossible to compete with’– and shares 3 stocks they have actually been purchasing amidst market trouble

A money-management duo managing $37 billion lays out the 5 requirements they seek in investments that are ‘almost impossible to compete with’– and shares 3 stocks they have actually been purchasing amidst market trouble

  • Dan Davidowitz– the lead portfolio supervisor of the focus development method at Polen Capital– and Jeff Mueller– co-portfolio manager of the international development technique at the company– aren’t your typical value financiers.
  • The duo makes it a point to concentrate on competitive advantages, margins of security, strong balance sheets, limited competitors, secular tailwinds, and long-term growth when vetting companies.
  • They share 5 competitive advantages they try to find before an investment gets added to their portfolio– and the more, the better.
  • The set likewise share 3 recent stocks they’ve been purchasing in the middle of recent market chaos.
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Dan Davidowitz and Jeff Mueller are 2 value financiers that do not stick to the conventional definition of the difference.

At Polen Capital— where the duo manage in excess of $37 billion– Davidowitz functions as the cohead of the big company development group and the lead portfolio manager of the company’s bellwether focus development strategy. Mueller operates as a co-portfolio manager of the global growth method.

” What does worth investing mean today? It doesn’t always suggest low P/E [price-to-earnings], low price-to-book, although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that too.” Davidowitz said on the “ Worth Investing with Legends” podcast. “Our definition of value really is not just discovering companies at a discount to their intrinsic value– which we think we do– however there’s a permanence to their business.”

For that reason, the set avoid conventional metrics connected with value investing and discern their choices through the lens of permanence, margin of security, strength of financials, competitive advantages, competition, secular tailwinds, and long-lasting growth

As an outcome, Davidowitz and Mueller want to put their capital to work in locations other worth managers may think twice about. They’re not hindered by lofty multiples, particularly if profits growth is compounding.

” You can’t simply run a screen and buy,” Mueller stated. “There’s real vital idea and judgement required behind this.”

Davidowitz included: “The only ones that usually pass our screens are the ones that have enormous competitive benefits, very-very large balance sheets, and great growth.”

In order to examine the sustainability of a business’s competitive advantage, Davidowitz and Mueller follow a set of five criteria. In doing so, Mueller says “it makes these companies almost difficult to really take on out in the marketplace.”

Below are a list of competitive advantages the duo look for and examples of business that have these competitive edges.


For the inexperienced, a network result increases the worth of a product or service as the number of users utilizing that product or service boosts.

2. Culture

Although it can’t be measured, Mueller keeps in mind that culture is an important piece of a business’s overall competitive advantage. He says that a company like O’Reilly Automotive has a “sensational culture.”

3. Copyright

Mueller discusses Align Technology and Allergan as 2 business that wield big swaths of copyright over the competitors.

4. High changing costs

Microsoft365, Oracle; You can think what you will about Oracle, however it’s often been stated that turning off Oracle is like getting dental surgery without anesthesia.”

5. Monopolies

Mueller notes that Adobe— particularly their digital media company– has a stranglehold on its market.

Contributing to an existing position and 2 new pickups

With all of that to munch on, Davidowitz and Mueller have been picking up shares of stocks that have been walloped in the face of the coronavirus

” We have actually been contributing to Facebook in a significant way,” stated Davidowitz. “We also generated a brand-new position in Autodesk

In addition to Facebook and Autodesk, Mueller likewise keeps in mind that the group got LVMH Moet Hennessy

” Our turnover has actually been rather low throughout this duration,” Mueller stated. “But I do wish to make the point that had we not did anything, the portfolios would carry out rather well both going into COVID-19, and whenever the world stabilizes coming out of COVID-19 I would argue that’s an outcome of the level of due diligence we put in and the level of quality in the companies that we buy prior to these shocks occurred.”

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