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  1. Article Designing and Testing News Literacy Messages for Social Media Melissa TullyEmily K. Vraga & Leticia BodeMass Communication and Society Published Online: 22 May 2019
  2. Article Ready to forget: American attitudes toward the right to be forgottenLeticia Bode & Meg Leta JonesT he Information SocietyVolume 33, 2017 – Issue 2 Published Online: 08 Mar 2017
  3. Article Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience: Laughter and Aggression in Political Entertainment ProgrammingEmily K. VragaCourtney N. JohnsonD. Jasun CarrLeticia Bode & Mitchell T. BardJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic MediaVolume 58, 2014 – Issue 1 Published Online: 28 Feb 2014
  4. Article What Viewers Want: Assessing the Impact of Host Bias on Viewer Engagement with Political Talk Shows Leticia BodeEmily K. VragaGerman AlvarezCourtney N. JohnsonMagda Konieczna & Michael Mirer Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic MediaVolume 62, 2018 – Issue 4 Published Online: 27 Nov 2018
  5. Article See Something, Say Something: Correction of Global Health Misinformation on Social Media Leticia Bode & Emily K. VragaHealth CommunicationVolume 33, 2018 – Issue 9 Published Online: 16 Jun 2017
  6. Article Studying Politics Across Media Leticia Bode & Emily K. VragaPolitical CommunicationVolume 35, 2018 – Issue 1 Published Online: 31 Aug 2017
  7. Article Political influence across generations: partisanship and candidate evaluations in the 2008 electionEmily K. VragaLeticia BodeJung Hwan YangStephanie EdgerlyKjerstin ThorsonChris Wells & Dhavan V. ShahInformation, Communication & SocietyVolume 17, 2014 – Issue 2 Published Online: 02 Jan 2014
  8. Article Closing the gap: gender parity in political engagement on social mediaLeticia BodeInformation, Communication & SocietyVolume 20, 2017 – Issue 4 Published Online: 28 Jun 2016
  9. Article Satire as a source for learning? The differential impact of news versus satire exposure on net neutrality knowledge gain Amy B. Becker & Leticia BodeInformation, Communication & SocietyVolume 21, 2018 – Issue 4 Published Online: 31 Mar 2017
  10. ArticleI do not believe you: how providing a source corrects health misperceptions across social media platforms Emily K. Vraga & Leticia BodeInformation, Communication & SocietyVolume 21, 2018 – Issue 10 Published Online: 19 Apr 2017