Apple Card isn’t reflected in your credit history … yet

Apple Card isn’t reflected in your credit history … yet

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The Apple Card is still so brand-new it’s not being reported to credit bureaus.

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Any late payments made up until now to an Apple Card account have not harm your credit rating. Not yet, anyway.

That’s because the bank that’s backing the card, Goldman Sachs, reportedly isn’t offering anyone’s payment history to the three significant credit bureaus.

MarketWatch says it was informed by “a source near Goldman Sachs” that info about Apple Card payments isn’t being turned over to Equifax and the other companies that calculate everyone’s credit rating.

Nevertheless, this isn’t some kind of protest. The charge card is new, and it’s Goldman Sachs’ first. The company supposedly will report the complete transaction history to the credit bureaus by the end of the year.

Mark German of Bloomberg was the first to break this news, however MarketWatch states it has actually heard the same from a separate source.

Intriguing Apple Card bit: Apple isn’t reporting your balances, payment history yet to the credit bureaus. So if you are on time, no favorable influence on your rating. If you miss your payments, apparently not as much of a repercussion on your score.

— Mark Gurman (@markgurman) October 11, 2019

So anyone who’s been excellent about paying off their Apple Card on time can rely on that appearing on their credit score ultimately.

This card debuted over the summertime to typically positive evaluations, and Goldman Sachs’ CEO is very delighted with how the launch went.

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