FingerFace app includes finger print assistance to Pixel 4s– kind of

FingerFace app includes finger print assistance to Pixel 4s– kind of

With its state-of-the-art video camera, Motion Sense gestures, and a facial acknowledgment feature, the Pixel 4 is quite the futuristic gadget– if you can forgive its so-so battery However, in its quest to set an example for the future of Android smartphones, Google might have moved simply a little too quick, prior to the rest of the Android world could catch up.

Case in point: the absence of a finger print scanner on the Pixel 4. In our review of the phone, we called Google’s execution of facial biometrics “seamless”. However, many apps in the Android environment do not yet support face unlock, rather opting for the far more widespread fingerprint authentication, making for a powerful problem for owners of the Pixel 4. Lacking an easier login alternative, you might find themselves needing to physically place your password every time you desire to log into your banking app.

Well, no longer. FingerFace by SemonCat is an app that aims to fix this rather glaring omission by Google. It does so by fooling apps and making them initiate the face unlock treatment on top of the fingerprint authentication, and uses the new biometrics API as a proxy for the fingerprint API. Completion result? You can now use face unlock on apps without having to wait on the designer to include support.

The only catch– and it is a big one– is that it needs the Xposed module to work. This needs you to root your gadget, which as you might currently understand, will likely void your phone’s guarantee. So, it is a service, however it’s not truly for your average Joe. If you’re currently surviving on the bleeding edge, though, and finding out about rooting, customized MODs, Magisk, and TWRP doesn’t truly precipitate the headache that they’re providing poor Joe, have a look at the app in the Play Shop And if you’re really wanting to bend your modding muscles, head over to the app’s GitHub and compile it on your own.

Battery issues

Google Pixel 4

Swing and a miss

The Pixel 4 is another strong entry in the company’s smartphone lineup, with an exceptional video camera, flawless performance, and an amazing display. However the experience is undermined by the phone’s inexcusably poor battery life.

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