Five Questions With Melissa Parker, Creator And CEO Of Reed’s Remedies

Five Questions With Melissa Parker, Creator And CEO Of Reed’s Remedies

Melissa Parker

Melissa Parker

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Five Concerns with Melissa Parker, creator and CEO of Reed’s Remedies, a new line of CBD sprays that include Focus, Sleep, Calm, Detox, Desire, Relief, and introducing Soothe– a brand-new pain mitigating cream. Offering an exact 7 mg dosage whenever, Reed’s Remedies sprays integrate the power of steam-distilled CBD in its outright purest type with a vibrant blend of plant-based substances (called terpenes) that, when integrated, produce effects much more effective than what any aspect might achieve alone. There’s more to this line of CBD items discovered throughout Southern California’s Erewhon Market places, which is why it’s a NEXTY Award finalist for “Best Brand-new Hemp/CBD Item” at the 2020 Natural Products West Exposition, the country’s largest yearly gathering of health and health brand names and sellers.

Warren Bobrow=WB: Please tell me about yourself?

Melissa Parker=MP: I am a Los Angeles local, a wife, mom of 3 girls, and founder of Reed’s Remedies For as long as I might keep in mind, I’ve wanted nature and, more specifically, a fascination with medical plants, pharmacology and human biology. I get it from my dad, Costs Reed, who died from a brain aneurysm when I was 17, and I expect he got it from his daddy, Ernest “Dale” Reed, who was a chemist. Like them, my happy place is being neck deep in science and research study … but constantly with a focus on the natural world and a goal to recover. In 2015, I found CBD, and the more research study I took in, the more I ended up being absolutely encouraged that this cannabinoid would revolutionize health, wellness and medicine as we understand it.

Alone, each active ingredient has a level of healing value, but the “magic” occurs when each of our formulation components are brought together.

Our sprays provide a precise dose of 7mg of CBD-rich hemp oil in each pump. The closed container maintains its pureness and strength by keeping it safe from direct exposure to air and contaminants.

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Three years of R&D work has actually gone into Reed’s Treatments, which introduced in2018 Other than my 3 children, these products are my proudest achievements. Seeing Reed’s Remedies included throughout Erewhon Market shops is a stunning benefit too, as Southern Californians understand that Erewhon is associated with innovative development, sustainability, and the highest quality health and health items.

WB: I wrote a book, really my very first book- on Apothecary Cocktails. Just how much is the present trend surrounding CBD different from the pharmacists working in drug store science in the 1800’s? What do you think about the term Snake Oil? How does this impact your work?

MP: Since of my reliance on apothecary sciences and botany, I’ve always felt like a pharmacist from the 1800 s, particularly back in 2008 at the height of my herbal medicine practice.

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Snake oil in today’s market is rampant and extremely genuine; research study after study validates that the majority of items online that declare to be CBD are in reality oils low in CBD and high in dangerous contaminants. I do not want customers to take my word for it; I desire them to see for themselves and feel ensured that Reed’s Remedies are complimentary of solvents, heavy metals, toxins, pesticides, chemicals and additives.

WB: Please tell me about how you deal with stigmas?

MP: In California, there isn’t too much stigma or resistance, though I was initially hesitant to inform associates in my external circles about what I do. Some people are anxious about the possibility of feeling out of control or high.

WB: Do you prepare? Have you ever prepared foods that your grandma made when you were young?

MP: I don’t have many chefs in my household, but I am blessed to have grown up in Los Angeles, where there is so much variety in food. When I desire comfort food, I drive to a little hole-in-the wall location in the heart of the San Fernando Valley called Mandarin Deli which serves genuine Mandarin food which makes my soul smile.

WB: What is your passion?

MP: Helping people who are suffering. Life is full of suffering, and none of us are unsusceptible to it. From losing my father in my youth to experiencing a car accident as an adult that left me handling persistent discomfort and a host of long-term medical issues, I understand first-hand how agonizing life can be. Helping people in any method I can, by offering relief that is within reach, is what has and continues to drive me. Sharing my knowledge of plant medicine and giving people a restored sense of hope and excitement in life is beyond fulfilling.

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