Oculus shows off its most current next-generation headset models

Oculus shows off its most current next-generation headset models

At its designer conference Wednesday, Oculus displayed a pair of model styles for its next high-end headsets.

2 years earlier, Oculus displayed its Half Dome prototype, which utilized an innovation called varifocal lenses to enable users to change where the points of focus remained in an image; this is innovation comparable to what Magic Leap utilizes on its headset, however is created to enable for a much greater series of focal planes.

The company revealed off 2 new prototypes, consisting of a “Half Dome 2” prototype and a “Half Dome 3” model.

” Half Dome 2″ is enhanced for weight and size considerably diminishing down the kind aspect of the previous prototype while minimizing the weight by 200 grams. The device is also diminishing the 140- degree field-of-view of the first style, though the company says the headset will still boast a FoV that’s 20%larger than the Rift.

The headset still makes use of a system that mechanically moves the lenses inside the headset to adjust the focus, but Oculus is also looking further down the line.

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” Half Dome 3″ integrated the technology of its previous designs with an electronic varifocal module that has no moving parts and integrates a variety of stacked lenses that can be turned on and off to let users move through various planes of focus (the company detailed the headset might change between 64 planes of focus with this setup). This will make it possible for users to see products in focus at closer distances and will let headsets work more like human eyes.

There weren’t any timelines thrown around for either prototype being productized, but Oculus is clearly buying the high-end still inside Facebook Reality Labs.

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