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Trump’s Own Company Does the Unimaginable: Gets Rid Of “TRUMP” Branding From Something

Trump's Own Company Does the Unimaginable: Gets Rid Of "TRUMP" Branding From Something thumbnail

People skate at a Central Park ice rink.

People skate at a Central Park ice rink on Dec. 25, 2017, in New York City City.

Amir Levy/Getty Images

When Donald Trump took over the construction of two ice rinks in Central Park in the 1980 s, Donald Trump did what Donald Trump does: He emblazoned the rink with “TRUMP” all over. The Trump-branded Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink at opposite ends of the park have actually been run by the Trump Organization since and been a traveler draw for years, even when Donald Trump morphed into a president. This winter season, however, the Trump Organization has quietly scrubbed the complexes of its Trump labeling, the Washington Post reports

” Now, as skating season begins, the president’s name is gone from the boards around each rink where big red ‘TRUMP’ indications once surrounded skaters. It is mostly gone from the desk where visitors lease skates: There, the white tarp utilized to hide the Trump name wasn’t rather big enough for the job, so a ‘T’ still sticks out,” according to the Post. “And where the president’s name stays, it is mainly relegated to the great print. The welcome indication out front of one rink utilized to state ‘Trump’ at the top; now the name is at the extremely bottom, under the telephone number. ‘Run by the Trump Company,’ the indication states.”.

It’s quite a moment when the Trump brand name is too hazardous for the Trump Organization. “It’s a complete rebranding,” a member of the guard dog group NYC Park Advocates told the Post. “They have actually taken [the name] off everything. Off the uniforms, everything.” The Trump Company informed the city parks department in August that it was making a change to the rinks’ top quality design, though the Trump business has not provided the thinking behind the change. Considered that there is no item too schlocky for Donald Trump to put his name on, in gold and all caps, it appears unlikely the Trump Organization would have eliminated his name for any reason other than that it was costing him cash. A rink worker hypothesized to the Post that held true. “A lot of the schools, you know, liberal independent schools up here, pertain to parties up here,” the staff member said. “That was a huge income earner up here Monday and Tuesday night.”.

The jury’s still out on the hotels and golf clubs and steaks and other bearers of the burdensome TRUMP name.

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